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Residential Opportunities

Outdoor education expands significantly on the above by including the learning opportunities that are generated by staying away from home with peers so we recommend doing our activities combined with at least one night spent at the centre.

With young people from the Scout Association less than two per cent of a young person’s time is spent in the Scout Group each week, residential experiences provide an opportunity to engage young people with much more intensive, rich and deep learning experiences. Not all waking time on a residential experience is spent on formal activities, recognising and acknowledging the informal learning that takes place while living and working with others, and at the same time exercising greater personal responsibility, is a further and probably a greater benefit than simply doing the activities themselves.

Once back home, there then follows the challenge of connecting the residential outdoor education experiences to the young people’s day-to-day life and to ensure that the experience is not an isolated event. This in itself is assisted if the young people are involved in the planning and preparation prior to their residential. The team at Yr Hen Felin will work with you to ensure that we get the best outcome before, during and after your residential experience with us.

“...we had an excellent time at the centre and thought that the facilities were very good. We certainly hope to return again soon...”