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E-Mail: info@yrhenfelin-cynwyd.co.uk Telephone: 01604 813505

Camping Area
As well as the Centre and Cottage we also have a camping area which has its own shower, wash hand basins and toilet. Use of this area is suitable for small parties and especially expedition groups looking for a one night stay.
For information e-mail
The camping area is charged as follows
One night
£3.00 per person per night
Two or more nights
£2.50 per person per night
If you make more than one booking at the same time we offer special discounts. Please ring for more details
Summer Camp Week Specials
Book the whole site (hostel plus cottage and camping area) plus activity equipment (sit top canoes, pioneering and expedition equipment) for one week at the very special rate of £900 per week
“...Thank you for the use of such a lovely venue. We all had a fantastic weekend....”