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Learning Outcomes


As a team at Yr Hen Felin we try to ensure that all our activities offer the ability to be outdoor education rather than just providing the activity.


Prior to all activities we will work with your group to ensure that we are provide the activities that you require in a way that will maximise the benefits to your group. We will ensure that we supply you with all the information that you require in good time and the whole team at Yr Hen Felin will work so that the following outcomes are achieved. We will endeavour to ensure that you:-


1. Get enjoyment from your activity on a personal level and through sharing the experience with  others.

2. Gain confidence through taking on challenges in a supportive environment.

3. Appreciate and respect the contributions and achievements of yourself and of others.

4. Gain some environmental awareness and understanding including connection with the natural  world and an understanding of sustainability.

5. Gain or develop some skills related to the activity undertaken. These will include the physical effort needed for the activity, use of specialist equipment and clothing, and working in challenging environments.

6. Develop personal qualities of increased initiative, self-reliance, responsibility, perseverance and commitment.

7. Develop Skills of communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork

8. Develop health and fitness through physical activity, contact with the natural world and healthy eating.

9. Gain increased motivation and appetite for learning through a contrasting and novel learning environment, first-hand experience, through challenge and shared encounters.

10. Get broadened horizons through encountering other people, places, activities and skills and becoming open to a wider range of employment opportunities and life choices.

“...we had an excellent time at the centre and thought that the facilities were very good. We certainly hope to return again soon...”